In this blog, we will learn how to build our first chatbot. After gaining a bit of historical context, we will set up a basic structure for receiving text and responding to users, and then learn how to add the basic elements of personality. And finally, we will learn to build a rule-based system for parsing text.

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When you build a chatbot, it is necessary to understand what chatbots do and what it looks like. We have heard of Google Allo, Siri, IBM Watson, etc. The fundamental problem that these bots try to solve is to become an intermediary and…

One of the biggest business stories of the past few years has been that of big data. Academics, organizations, governments, and journalists have all become tied up with big data. Journalists cannot stop addressing enough stories about it, and viewers cannot watch enough coverage of the same. They all seem to be convinced: Big data is the remedy for all our hardships and difficulties. While some may be doubtful of the potential of big data, most have set their critical thinking aside and have voluntarily pounced on the big data bandwagon.

Today even those who cannot distinguish between standard deviation…

Four years ago, today I gave JEE Advanced. And today, I submitted my final year thesis for completion of my bachelor’s degree in engineering with a major in Information Technology. 22 May is the end of the two most important chapters in my book.

22 May 2016

Unlike every other Indian parent, my parents never pressurized me to be a doctor or an engineer. They were happy with whatever made me happy, whatever I chose to be.

My parents invited various people over for dinner. We would talk about their field of work, their lifestyle, how they feel about the work they do…

Shrusti Ghela

Inferring the implications of the world awash with data.

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